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Amanaki Stem Academy

Amanaki Stem Academy

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The ASA project was formally established in early 2017 by co-founder couple Vili Teumohenga, Tanya Koro and their kids. The idea was born by the needs of the Pasifika community, and a challenging future.

The present is a world of rapidly developing technology and scientific advancements, hence the future job market will require individuals with the technical skillset to navigate such a complex environment. Unfortunately, the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which support an individual to succeed in such a future is lacking amongst our Pacific Island students. Statistically, Pacific Island students are the lowest-performing ethnic group in these subject areas.

The ASA project was an opportunity to change the mindset of many of our local Pacific Island students, in order to provide a pathway to STEM career opportunities and a better future. This will inevitably contribute to overall better outcomes for the wider Pasifika community.

“ASA is an organisation for Pasifika”. ASA Tutor

The ASA project attracting national attention in 2018.

Please click the video below to watch ASA feature on the news program "Tagata Pasifika".

Pasifika students in the Manawatu are benefiting from Amanaki Stem Academy aiming to increase Pasifika achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


The challenge is a huge one but it, but cannot be achieved by continuing to talk about the problem. The ASA project is a community-led non-profit organisation trying to make a difference through hard work and determination.