Meet Georgia

Kia orana! My name is Georgia Tiaono Whitta but most people call me George. I’m of Cook Island Māōri descent from my father’s side and come from the island of Rarotonga. I grew up just outside of Ashhurst on a small farm, in the picture you can see me with my sheepdog, Ace.

My hobbies include snowboarding, netball, hip-hop, cooking, creative writing, and playing the ukulele. Health and wellbeing is a huge part of my life and I love anything active.

This year I am studying Medicine in Auckland at UoA after successfully gaining entry through first year Biomedical Science. It’s already proving very challenging but everything I hoped it would be so I’m loving it. I’m part of the MAPAS programme here in Auckland which is a programme that assists Māori and Pasifika people who are wishing to pursue a career in the Medical and Health Sciences. It’s a great programme and this year I’m a tutor for one of the first year papers for MAPAS students.

My aspiration on a big scale is to improve the health outcomes for our Māori/Pasifika people. There’s huge inequities exisiting in our healthcare systems that don’t cater for the needs of our people and results in the unfortunate health statistics we see everyday in our communities. I wish to become a doctor and eventually move back to Rarotonga to work in our communities with our people to provide healthcare to those who need it most.

Remember to do everything you do with purpose and passion. Allow this to guide your studies to success in whichever STEM field you wish to pursue.