Lalanga Fou Fono

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Lalanga Fou Fono; Tuli takes flight

Awapuni Function Centre

02 August 2019, 5:30 pm

The Fono was hosted by Ministry of Pacific Peoples(MPP) and the aim was to connect with the Pacific communities in our region. MPP wanted to hear the community concerns and aspirations as well as share what has been achieved since the launch of the new Pacific Vision and Lalanga Fou report in November 2018.

This year ASA was fortunate to have two ASA members invited as guest speakers. Board secretary Florence Malama who spoke about Amanaki STEM Academy and the impact the program has on the wider community, and how ASA can help to shape the future of our Pasifika community. Also, one of our ASA students, Telson Liuvaie, was invited as a guest speaker whose speech theme was "We are more than what you see" which focused on encouraging young Pasifika Youth to be resilient and take on leadership opportunities.