ASA Awards Evening 2019

ASA Awards Evening November 2019.

Special guest speaker - Dr Lupe Taumoepeau

The Awards evening is an opportunity to recognise all our students' successes and hard work for 2019. It was also a time for our ASA families to come together, to celebrate and reflect on our journey for 2019.

This year ASA had the honor of hosting our special guest speaker Dr Lupe Taumoepeau. Dr Lupe studied medicine at Auckland's medical school and made history for being the first female, and first Pasifika Vascular surgeon in Australasia, she also performs both open surgery and is dual trained in the newer endovascular techniques.

Dr Lupe reflected on her own personal journey growing up in New Zealand and the sacrifices her mum made for her to succeed. She shared experiences of discrimination in the Health sector often mistaken for the nurse because of doctor stereotypes, or presumed to be the cleaner because of racial prejudices.
Although her journey was fraught with difficulties she never gave up and persevered to get to where she is today.

Dr Lupe described a quote from a movie called "Catch me if you can (2002)" where the main character describes a story of two mice:

Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.

Dr Lupe's advice for our ASA students was to "be that second mouse". If you work hard enough and never give up you too can turn your misfortunes in to a pathway to success.

Thank you Dr Lupe for sharing your story and inspiring the future Pacifica leaders. Click below to see a short video of the special day.


Alumni guest speaker - Tafaogalupe Casandra Muliaga (2018 ASA Head girl)

ASA Alumni Tafaogalupe Casandra Muliaga was the ASA alumni guest speaker who talked about her transition to university, the challenges and highlights as a Pasifika studying in Otago University. Cassandra was ASA Head girl for 2018 and has just completed her Foundation year for Medicine. She encouraged all our ASA students to work hard, keep striving for excellence, and to never forget who you are and where you come from.

Thank you to Cassandra for her encouraging advice for our ASA students.


ASA Awards presentation

The main event for the evening was the presentation of awards. This year ASA were fortunate enough to have our awards sponsored by Fonterra, Xero and NZQA. Congratulations to all our hard working ASA students! The list of winners and awards are listed below:

ASA Most committed award Kereta Fuafiva
ASA Most improved senior award Newdili Aiiloilo
ASA Most improved junior award Siliveinuisi To'a
ASA Values award senior Vaitoelau (VJ) Tauli
ASA Values junior award Hugo Liuvaie
Fonterra Leadership award Josephine Ma'u
Fonterra Leadership award Nathan Emeck
Fonterra top senior mathematics award Piutau Halafa'u
Fonterra top senior science award Sulieti Fakahau
Fonterra top junior mathematics award Telson Liuvaie
Fonterra top junior science award Motuhia Fapiano
Manawatu Science & Technology fair award winner Nathan Emeck
Manawatu Science & Technology fair award winner Sulieti Fakahau
Manawatu Science & Technology fair award winner 'Olioni Taumoepeau
NZQA sponsorship year 13 scholarship award Josephine Ma'u
NZQA sponsorship year 13 scholarship award Nathan Emeck

Farewell speeches - ASA 2019 Head boy and Head girl

The event was also a farewell to our 2019 ASA Head boy and Head girl, Nathan Emeck and Josephine Ma'u who delivered emotional speeches. Nathan is headed to Canterbury University to study Astro-phsics and Josephine will be studying medicine at the University of Otago. All the best to Nathan and Josephine for your leadership in 2019. ASA look forward to all your success in the future.


Announcement of 2020 Head boy and Head girl

As a part of their last duties as ASA Head boy and Head girl, Nathan and Josephine announced the ASA Head boy and Head girl for 2020, passing on the leadership to two worthy ASA students. Congratulations to ASA Head boy VJ Tauli and ASA Head girl Sulieti Fakahau who are also 2020 prefects at PNBHS and PNGHS respectively.