Special Loku for ASA senior students pre-NCEA exams 2020


Every year ASA conduct a special loku (church) Service for our ASA senior students who are about to sit end of year NCEA Exams.

It's been a challenging year with COVID, disruption to our children's learning, changing dynamics with employment and hardships we've had to overcome. The loku was an opportunity for our ASA families to come together and host a special service for everyone, but in particular our ASA students in preparation for their study week and final exams. Blessings and prayers from our families is such a special time for us to support and uplift each other through our heavenly father.

Sunday, 8 November 2020 - it was held at the St Albans Presbyterian Church in Palmerston North. 

Click image below to see a video of this special service and some encouraging and motivating words from the ASA parents wishing our ASA senior students all the best for the challenge ahead.