About Us...

The ASA project was created by Viliami Teumohenga and partner Tanya Koro. It began as a homework group with their children and a few of the neighbours' kids studying around the kitchen table. 

Today, ASA has 120 registered students from around the Manawatu region from Palmerston North, Bull, Levin, Feilding and Ashhurst. Our ASA students are from a variety of pacific communities such as Samoa, Cook Island, Tonga, Tokelau, PNG, Niue, Tuvalu, Rotuman (Fiji) and NZ European.

ASA students attend weekly study sessions which run on Monday and Wednesday for Year 11-13, and on Tuesday and Thursday for Year 5-10 during the school term. ASA also provides four 2-week-long study programs that are run during inter-term school holidays.

ASA offer a multitude of study resources for our ASA students such as textbooks, study notes, exercise books, individual whiteboards, past examinations, internet access to name a few. Laptops and Tablet computers are readily available for all our ASA students to assist with their learning, along with free wifi.

All our ASA tutors hold tertiary degrees, masters and doctorates in various fields of study. They are 100% dedicated volunteers, who offer their free time to help shape the next Pasifika generation.

The ASA vision is to nurture and develop successful Pasifika youth by prioritizing work ethic and normalizing excellence in STEM. ASA encourages sustainability and uptake of STEM subjects for Pasifika secondary school students. To complement the academic focus, ASA desires to instil strong values in students’ character and to strengthen their overall wellbeing - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

ASA co-founder Viliami Teumohenga was the recipient of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Pacific Education Award at The Sunpix Awards, 2018.

The SunPix Awards recognize outstanding individuals in six awards categories - Pacific Community Leadership, Pacific Education, Pacific Enterprise, Pacific Emerging Leadership Award, Pacific Health and Wellbeing, and Pacific Service Excellence.
Please click the videos below to watch Viliami Teumohenga's Sunpix Awards Profile and Acceptance speech.