ASA Holiday Program - Term 3/4

Group learning

To further assist students with their learning, Programming and learning director Vili will run video assisted and whiteboard sessions on challenging topics for year groups. This particular teaching method was welcomed by all our students because it added another dimension to the diversity of teaching methods employed by ASA.


Life skills

Our ASA students will end the day refurbing the facility and learning some life skills that is surely left wanting in many of todays youth. Cleaning is a team effort and everyone is expected to chip in and help. The senior students lead the way and ensure all jobs are completed before departing for home.



Our ASA students balance their hard work with play as well. It is important that our ASA students understand the work life balance so we aim to instil this work ethic that will transfer to tertiary, employment and adult life.



ASA Parents volunteered to prepare lunch for our ASA students everyday. The lunch was very much appreciated because it is not an easy task to allocate time out of your day to prepare a nutritious meal for over 30 students. ASA strive to provide a more holistic approach to learning and one of the most important aspects to a healthy mind is to provide the brain with the sustenance it needs to get through the day.


New Computers

ASA Digital and Technology tutor, Ian Tairea, acquired another 20 laptops for our ASA program. This will allow ASA to issue computers to those ASA students who don't have access to a computer at home. Computers are now an essential tool and skill for school and employment so this gift is a blessing for ASA, and it will be put to good use immediately.


Motivational Speeches

At the end of each day the ASA students will watch a motivational video, selected by the Programming and Learning director, which has a specific theme or message for our students to consider. The themes were based around purpose, hard work, drive and success. Each student would ponder the meaning of the video and express how it applies to their education and life in general.