Business organizations

Thank you to:

  • Fonterra for allowing our ASA students to tour their facility and monetary sponsorship.
  • Xero for hosting four of our ASA students to their Wellington Head Office for a tour and donation of robotic equipment.

Fonterra Xero 

Government Organisations

Thank you to:

  • MPP for their funding support for 2018 and 2019.
  • Oranga Tamariki for supporting our ASA tutors.

MinistryForPacificPeoples-logo4.jpg Oranga Tamariki

Non-profit Organisations

Thank you to

  • Digital Wings NZ for donating all our Tablets, Laptops and many other devices.
  • ACE Aotearoa for providing ASA with funding for 2019.


Digital Wings ACE.png


Thank you to

  • Tu toa for allowing ASA the use of their facilities for Holiday programs and study sessions.
  • PNBHS for their facilities and ongoing support for their students on our ASA program.
  • Massey University for their Aviation and Engineering tours on their campus.

Tu ToaPNBHSMassey.jpg

Charitable Organisations

Thank you to:

  • St Albans for use of their facilities for ASA sessions and donations.
  • Samoan Methodist Church for opening up their congregation for senior study sessions.

St Albans Logo.jpg Samoan Methodist Church.jpg