Business organizations

Thank you to:

    Fonterra for allowing our ASA students to tour their facility and monetary sponsorship.
    Xero for hosting four of our ASA students to their Wellington Head Office for a tour and donation of robotic equipment.

Fonterra Xero 

Government Organisations

Thank you to:

    MPP for their funding support for 2018 and 2019.
    Oranga Tamariki for supporting our ASA tutors.

MinistryForPacificPeoples-logo4.jpg Oranga Tamariki

Non-profit Organisations

Thank you to

    Digital Wings NZ for donating all our Tablets, Laptops and many other devices.
    ACE Aotearoa for providing ASA with funding for 2019.


Digital Wings ACE.png


Thank you to

    Tu toa for allowing ASA the use of their facilities for Holiday programs and study sessions.
    PNBHS for their facilities and ongoing support for their students on our ASA program.
    Massey University for their Aviation and Engineering tours on their campus.

Tu ToaPNBHSMassey.jpg

Charitable Organisations

Thank you to:

    St Albans for use of their facilities for ASA sessions and donations.
    Samoan Methodist Church for opening up their congregation for senior study sessions.

St Albans Logo.jpg Samoan Methodist Church.jpg